Wanted: Mobile Home or Frame, any cond. if Frame is straight (Plains, MT)

condition: salvage
I have some land in Plains, MT.
If any of you have a mobile home that is in terrible condition but has a solid straight frame, I'd be willing to let you move your home onto my land and take responsibility for it. It may be cheaper than junking it, you'd be helping me out a lot and it would get new life.

(If it's just the frame, I may be able to tow it myself)

I only have two conditions:

a) You have the title and will provide it
b) You move it

I understand that moving a mobile home can be costly and would be willing to provide some compensation in the form of 99.999% pure silver, especially if you have the movers block it as well.

I don't care if it's a salvage title. You can remove everything valuable from it (appliances, furnace, stove, etc). Depending on its condition, I am willing to rebuild it all including roofing, walls, etc. so don't let that stop you from inquiring.
I am ideally looking for longer homes, 60+feet long. Width isn't a concern.

Here's how I envision things go down:

* You text or email me your interest with a photo of the home or frame
* I may request to see the home
* I provide you with pictures of where I want the home placed and GPS coordinates (I can physically show you the land too upon request)
* We agree on an approximate timeline
* You have it moved, hand over title
* I provide you with some silver

** Road to the property is fully paved although the turnoff and last ~250 feet are gravel road and then the land is dirt. If you are seriously interested I can have some gravel laid down to the site.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks

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