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I just wanted to let you be aware of the conspiracy that is going on involving some Montana casinos, especially casinos that are being owned and operated by Big Sky Gaming.

Town Pump owns the casinos tho
THOMAS KENNEALLY JR - CEO / PRESIDENT is using big sky gaming as a "corporate veil" / alternate business name in the event of lawsuits.

I have been a customer of their casinos and I am a member of their Players Club. Here is how their Players Club works. Every Players Club member gets credit from playing a machine, when you first show up at the casino the employee will ask you for your password (four numbers), then they will tell you how much money credits you have earned/accumulated, if you have earned/accumulated $19.37 you could only have $15.00. Now you can also use your weekly Players Club member coupon too. Four Players Club member coupons are mailed to Players Club members each month, or the Players Club member can choose to have them held for them at the casino, (the reason for this is the Players Club member does not want their family, or friends to know that they are gamblers and where they gamble) so each time you visit you can use them. One coupon to be used once a week. You have until Sunday night to use these coupons and Monday is when you can use the new coupon. If you do not use the coupons by Monday, the coupons are to be destroyed not tossed away by the employees of the casino. Depending on how much you spend every 90 days determines how much your weekly coupon will be. They can range from $5 to $50.

What has just been going on for years is employees of these casinos have been embezzling or stealing customers Players Club benefits without the Players Club member knowing about it. Here how it works.

Sunday night the sneaky employee uses these coupons (remember if you do not use the coupons the coupons are to be destroyed not tossed away). The sneaky employees of the casino wait until late at night when everyone has gone home and takes your coupon before it expires and process's the coupon and pockets the cash. The sneaky employee will then (having remembered your password, or documented it onto their smart phone) will withdrawal funds from your account leaving you with very little.

One instance that made me very suspicious and now makes sense occurred this January 1st 2016 after I had been playing the machine I knew I had credits built up onto my Players Club credits. I came back the following week and come to find out not only was I missing some money from my account but I was also missing my weekly coupon. I complained about this so they grabbed someone else's weekly coupon to use.

Since then I have called their headquarters and they claimed they had terminated the sneaky employee's involved, but cannot issue me my monies lost. I said this was not fair and told them I wanted an investigation. They said they were finished with this. In other words they were going to sweep this under the rug! I told them I was going after them legally. They stated I don't think you want your name out there for your friends and family to know about your bad habit. I replied, "want to bet"? Below are the casino owned by Big Sky Gaming.

Lucky Lil's Casino 1915 Dewey Blvd, Butte, Montana
Magic Diamond Casino 3700 Harrison ave Butte, Montana
Montana Lil's Casino 1920 Elizabeth Warren Butte, Montana
Helena, Montana
Lucky Lil's Casino Helena mall, Helena, Montana
Great Falls, Montana
Lucky Lil's Casino 1411 10th Ave South Great Falls, Montana
Montana Lil's Casino 3800 10th Ave South Great Falls, Montana
Lucky Lil's casino 1605 Fox Farm Rd, Great Falls, Montana
Belgrade, Montana
Magic Diamond Casino 691 Jack Rabbit lane, Belgrade, Montana
Bozeman, Montana
Lucky Lil's Casino 2401 West Main, Bozeman, Montana
Billings, Montana
Montana Lil's Casino 2349 Grand Ave, Billings, Montana
Montana Lil's Casino 2850 King Ave West, Billings, Montana
Kalispell, Montana
Lucky Lil's Casino kalispell center mall, Kalispell, Montana
Missoula, Montana
Lucky Lil's Casino 2701 North Reserve Street, Missoula, Montana
Magic Diamond Casino 2230 Brooks Missoula Montana
Magic Diamond Casino 1210 West Broadway Missoula Montana

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