Failure to Use Turn Signal Major Cause of U.S. Accidents. (MISSOULA)

I work M-F driving in Missoula making deliveries and I drive around 100 miles a day.
What I have seen is about 40% of the drivers don't use their turn signals at all and about 55% that use then don't use them correctly according to the regulations and that leaves only about 5% that use them correctly.
Not very good stats which reflects why there are so many car accidents every day in Missoula.

Failure to Use Turn Signal Major Cause of U.S. Accidents.

We are all well aware of the dangers of distracted driving. But, did you know that failure to use turn signals is responsible for twice as many motor vehicle accidents? According to a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) drivers who fail to use their turn signals accounts for over 2 million accidents annually. Comparatively, distracted driving accounts for around 950,000 accidents annually.

Many drivers do not appreciate the importance of turn signals. Using your turn signal is about more than courtesy, it is alerting other drivers to your intentions on the road. Serving as a warning sign, a turn signal alerts other motorists that you are slowing down, making a turn or changing lanes. This allows for fellow drivers to have more time to react to sudden stops or lane changes, which can result in collisions and bodily injury.

Turn signal neglect is a problem among all age groups, and is particularly prevalent in young drivers. In a survey conducted by Response Insurance, 71% of drivers age 18-24 admitted to not using their turn signals regularly.
While the general public is consistently reminded of the dangers of distracted driving, the serious epidemic of turn signal negligence goes unnoticed.

Below is an excerpt DIRECTLY from the Montana Driver's Manual on the DOJMT website and unless they've done away with using your turn signal since 2015 when this was last updated, then it is STILL THE LAW:

Chapter 5 – How To Drive Safely
Use Your Signals to Communicate
You should use your turn signals before you change lanes, turn right or left,
merge into traffic, pass on a highway or interstate, or park. It gives other
drivers time to react to your moves.

Get into the habit of signaling every time you change direction or lanes.
Signal even when you do not see anyone else around. It is easy to miss
someone who needs to know what you are doing.

Left Turns
- Well ahead of your turn, look for any following vehicles, give
signal and move over close to the centerline.
•Signal 100 feet (1/3 city block) or 300 feet (for rural areas) and start
slowing down.
•Look and yield right-of-way to oncoming traffic.
•While waiting to complete the turn, keep your wheels pointed straight
ahead - if you are struck from behind, you will not be forced into
oncoming traffic.
•Enter street just to the right of the center - do not cut corners.
•After completing the turn, gradually move to the center of your lane and
be sure that your signal has canceled.

Right Turns
- Right turns should be made as close as practical to the right
edge of the curb or roadway.
•Well in advance of your turn, get into the proper lane.
•Signal your right turn for 100 feet (1/3 city block) or 300 feet (for rural
areas) and slow down.
•Keep as close to the right side as possible when completing a right turn.
•Do not make a wide-sweeping turn or cross into the left lane.
Be careful that you do not signal too early. If there are streets, driveways,
or entrances between you and where you want to turn, wait until you have
passed them to signal.

If another vehicle is about to enter the street between you and where you
plan to turn, wait until you have passed it to signal your turn. If you signal
earlier, the other driver may think you plan to turn where they are and they might pull into your path.

After you have made a turn or lane change, make sure your turn signal is off. After small turns, the signals may not
turn off by themselves. Turn it off if it has not clicked off by itself. If you don’t, other drivers might think you plan to turn

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