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Musk hits out at Biden’s call for border deal: ‘No laws need to be passed’.

'All that is needed is an executive order to require proof before granting an asylum hearing, that is how it used to be,' Musk wrote.

Elon Musk has fired back at President Biden’s calls for a bipartisan Senate deal to be passed to fix the unprecedented levels of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.

Biden released a statement late Friday saying that the legislation being negotiated would give the president a new emergency authority to shut down the border "when it becomes overwhelmed" and that he would use that authority on the day he signs the bill into law.

"For everyone who is demanding tougher border control, this is the way to do it," Biden said in the statement. "If you’re serious about the border crisis, pass a bipartisan bill and I will sign it."

But Musk, a vocal critic of the border crisis clapped back to the statement posted on the president’s X account.
"No laws need to be passed," Musk wrote. "All that is needed is an executive order to require proof before granting an asylum hearing. That is how it used to be."

Musk, the owner of Tesla, SpaceX and X, previously argued that gaining asylum status after illegally crossing the southern border is as easy as a Google search.

He also agreed with Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor David Sacks who wrote last night that the border is broken "because this administration refuses to enforce the laws we already have." Musk responded by writing, "exactly."

Sacks also posted a video of hundreds of illegal immigrants descending on the border and describing Biden’s current policy as being "open borders, to which Musk wrote, "That is undeniable at this point."

December saw the highest interactions between border patrol and migrants for a single month in U.S. history.
Meanwhile, Musk appeared to shift his views on the need for a wall at the southern border, having previously voiced his support for such a structure.

"Building a wall is a red herring," Musk wrote in another post on X Friday.

"No wall is needed to fix this situation. Border Patrol is being instructed to facilitate illegal entry at scale into the United States."

"The fundamental problem is that anyone can claim asylum with zero proof, which means all of Earth can come to America."

Musk visited the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, in September and livestreamed what he saw, giving people a firsthand account of the migrant crisis.

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