Green Camo Pacman frogs (Stevensville)

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Pac-mans make a great pet frog. The Surinam horned, Argentine horned, and Cranwell’s horned frogs make the best choice for a beginner. They live well in captivity and settle quickly into their enclosure. When you bring your frog home let him adjust for three days without any disturbances. I recommend you do not handle this species. However, you can still learn a lot from observation. During his first few weeks, you will see him moving around looking for the best spot to burrow. Once he finds his favorite place it is likely he will remain there for some time.

Pros And Cons
Large size and rapid growth with females reaching seven inches. Lots of unique morphs and colors to choose from. Simple and easy diet as they will eat nearly anything. A sedentary lifestyle means that they do not need a large enclosure.
Cons: Aggressive towards other species so must be housed separately. In captivity, froglets should be fed earthworms and insects such as crickets and dubia roaches. Waxworms and mealworms can be given as an occasional treat. However, they contain high fat and fiber levels, so they should not be a major part of the diet. Growing frogs should be fed five crickets or roaches every day. Dust these insects with a calcium powder before feeding. This will help to ensure your frog maintains sufficient levels of vitamin D3. The best rule of thumb is to feed as much food as it will eat in 15 minutes. After 15 minutes remove anything that is uneaten. As your pet grows its appetite will slowly decrease. Adults only need to be fed every other day. Adults can be offered a pinkie mouse once every two weeks. Pacman frogs are eager eaters and have a powerful bite. To avoid bites you may want to feed them with tongs. We are asking for a small rehoming fee for each one so if interested please text, thank you for your interest located in stevensville mt. Rehoming fee $25.00 each or if 2 or more reduced to $20.00 rehoming fee each

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