Fancy bearded dragon babies (Stevensville)

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I have fancy bearded dragon baby lizards all are healthy and eatting small crickets there is a small rehoming fee for each one when turn into adults they be red hypo trans for now they are hatchlings where color and designs are still developing. 4 left. Can meet in super 1 foods grocery store parking lot stevensville, mt for exchange. Please make sure u got a reptile aquarium setup for lizard these are 5 inches same size of anole lizard . Do your research make sure u got calcium powder to sprinkle on crickets before u feed to the dragon for this helps the development of the bones as dragon grows make sure you have heat lamp and themometer with hydrometer and spray bottle to mist water reptile enclosure food bowl for leafy greens an mealworms to be in and a separate water dish provide a hiding place in enclosure for it to retreat to feel secure when stressed but most stay out in open basking on rock i have them hand tamed so they dont bite basically like owning a dog in the dinosaur world like deno in the flintstones cartoons. When holding dragon dont hold high incase they fall out your hands, inorder to keep them hand tame please hold them wash hands afterwards. Pet stores dont sell this type of bearded dragons with this color and designs they are only found for purchase online where i got them at least u wouldnt be paying the shipping as i had too thank for your interest.

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