Muscovy Ducks and Drakes $15-- - $25 (Hamilton)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Duck
model name / number: Muscovy
size / dimensions: Just Right

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Pure Bred Yearling Muscovy Ducks
I have drakes and hens 5+ months old from last summers hatch. Feathered and swimming. Blue, Black, Chocolate, Lilac

Females: $25each: Buy 6+ $20 each
Males: $15 each: Buy 4+ $10each: 10+ $5each:

My ducks are wild type (like a mallard duckling) base patterned and grow up with dusky (bibbed or white on neck), solid, or pied patterns. I have black, blue, chocolate, silver, lilac, white color genes in my flock, and pied, atipico, and self colored pattern genes in a few of my birds.

Muscovy ducks have a laid back and friendly nature, with each having a unique personality.
Occasional treats as ducklings and adults will make these guys your friends and they will greet you with an excited tail wag and quiet hiss or trill. I have even had them beg. Oftentimes they will start a 'hissy-party,' displaying their wings, tails, and mohawks as they move in groups across your yard or field, bobbing their heads and showing off. This makes them excellent pets and very entertaining animals.

They are active foragers and will spend all day foraging for plants and insects on land or in the water. They especially like mosquitos from which they got their name. They also love mice and will eat them if they can catch them.

Due to their large size and uniquely flavored, lean meat both male and female Muscovies make excellent meat birds. People have likened their meat to flavorful beef.
The hens weigh about 6-7 lb. The males weigh about 10-15+ lbs.

The hens provide large, nutritious, delicious eggs rich in omega 3s. Duck eggs are excellent for omelets and are superb for baking.

The hens make unsurpassed brooders and excellent mothers and can successfully hatch up to 16 eggs. This allows them to not only successfully hatch their own eggs but they can also be used to hatch other fowl eggs, such as duck, turkey, or chicken eggs.

Some quick notes on Muscovy color genetics and breeding.

Breeding Blue X Black = 1/2 blue and 1/2 black ducklings.
Blue X Blue = 50% blue, 25% black, and 25% silver.
Silver X Black = 100% blue ducklings.
Silver X Silver = 100% Silver
Pied X any color = 50% pied, 50% not pied
Pied X Pied = 50% pied, 25% solid, 25% white.
Pied X White = 50% pied, 50% white
Solid X White = 100% pied
Drake carrying Chocolate X Chocolate hen = 50% chocolate (hens and drakes) 50% black (with drakes carrying chocolate gene)--Any drakes hatched from a chocolate hen carry the recessive chocolate (brown) gene. Breeding him to a black hen = 25% chocolate hens and 75% black with 1/4 of the drakes carrying the chocolate gene.
Chocolate X Chocolate = 100% Chocolate
You start to get into interesting colors, like blue fawn/lilac, and buff, when breeding blues and silvers with chocolates.

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