Ceramic Studio & Pottery Wheel - $2,300 (Bigfork)

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Pottery Studio for sale, $2300 OBO
Well Over $4000 worth of pottery supplies. Stored in doors for many years. To be sold as one unit. Not to be sold separately. You don't have to take it all but the price is $2300 OBO for what you decide you want.

Pottery Wheel: Pacifica GT800, 1HP can throw up to 100lbs of clay, With leg extensions. Twelve 6” bats, Twelve 12”bats
Wheel has low hours of use

Three level Throwing station with Good quality swivel chair

Kiln: Crusader 274S with Kiln sitter model P. 240 volt, This is an old kiln but works just fine. Bisking and temperatures up to cone 6. Includes some new elements. Eight ½ shelves with assorted cone 10 posts. Assorted Orton cones. 10 Boxes Orton cones

Clay: Over 1000 lbs cone 10 stoneware clay. Aged over 15 years. Wet in seventeen 5 gal. buckets . Throws like magic. Needs to be pugged or dried and wedged. You cant buy clay that throws any easier.

Three plaster wedging and clay drying slabs.

Glaze making raw materials: (Over $1200 value)
Copper Carbonate 5lbs, Copper Sulfate 5lbs, Cobalt Carbonate ¼ Lb, Potassium nitrate 10 Lbs, Potassium Carbonate 10 Lbs, Kaolin 30 lbs, Custer Feldspar 40 Lbs, Dolomite 25 lbs, Colemanite 25 lbs, Limestone 20 lbs, EPK 30 lbs, Ball Clay 20 lbs, Grog 20 lbs, Silica 20 lbs, Tin Oxide 2.5 lbs, Zinc Oxide 2 ¼ lbs, Silver nitrate 2oz, Barium Carb 10 lbs, Green Nicle Carb ¼ Lb, Nepheline Syenite ½ lb, Tin Chloride ¼ Lb, Frit 5301- 25lbs, Frit 3110- 25lbs, Frit 3124 - 30 lbs, Frit 3134- 30lbs,

12 Lamp chimneys, 25 wick assemblies.
50 bamboo tea pot handles
30 large cork stoppers

Throwing in for free:
Dozens of trimming and throwing tools
Old electric kiln converted for propane to fire Raku
17 Books on Ceramics
Over 200 High Fire hard bricks

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