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How do you democrats like the change you got . (Missafornia) [xundo]

re-the fix is in (Missafornia) [xundo]

fix is in (Missafornia) [xundo]

RE: the fix is in (Missafornia) [xundo]

The Fix is in!!!!!!!! (Missafornia) [xundo]

The city council can fix the Property taxes (Missafornia) [xundo]

Confident in amending constitution? [xundo]

Did MD sign this before vaccinating your baby? [xundo]

Talk about an idiot pic [xundo]

re-I am complaining about home taxes (Missafornia) [xundo]

RE: I voted (Missafornia) [xundo]

I am complaining about home taxes (Missafornia) [xundo]

I voted [xundo]

Never post in another place (Missafornia) [xundo]

re: ruining response missafornia (bitterroot) [xundo]

Re ruining (bitterroot) [xundo]

ruining (bitterroot) (Missafornia) [xundo]

ruining (bitterroot) [xundo]

your weak is week Putzafornia pic [xundo]

speaking of not knowing how to spell (Missafornia) [xundo]

re--- you forgot to use a name Missafornia pic [xundo]

why did you want to meet (Missafornia) [xundo]

you forgot to use a name (Missafornia) [xundo]

ecting? pic [xundo]

exactly what I was talking about to dumb to understand (Missafornia) [xundo]

Califunnyians (missoula) [xundo]

Yess it does suck to be me (Missafornia) [xundo]

9 A.M. [xundo]

Its 905 am and I am ready for the day (missafornia) [xundo]

Last week I dated fable [xundo]

Last week I dated (Missafonria) [xundo]

Holy Shit!!!!!! [xundo]

I walked deep in the woods this morning (Missafornia) [xundo]

Well Missy? pic [xundo]

Ba---gock!!!!!!!!!!! pic [xundo]

RE: Some Bar/Place for Missafornia (Missafornia) [xundo]

More Shit for brains.... [xundo]

RE: shit for brains (Missafornia [xundo]

RE: shit for brains (Missafornia) [xundo]

Shit for brains (your moms basement) [xundo]

Pt. 3 [xundo]

Knowing me (Missafornia) [xundo]

Patricia Miller / Elder (salmo, ID) pic [xundo]

Pt. 2 please [xundo]

Brilliance (Missafonria) [xundo]

RE : How things work . (Missafornia) [xundo]